Bizarro Pacman Hoodie Roby



12 Responses to “Bizarro Pacman Hoodie Roby”

  1. where is i can buy it ?

  2. ohh myy godd

    that jacket sikerss mannn

    i wantt oneee

  3. I want one

  4. Babyboy Says:

    I NEED ONE!!!

  5. WANT 1!!!!!!!!!
    p.s. im not a geek.
    p.s.s. that shirt is hot

  6. Joe22206 Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!! I want one!
    Where can I buy it? =P

  7. Whoooww! I♥ThaShirt!

  8. IMeanSweatShirt!

  9. It would be even cooler if it had the game sound effects!

  10. cool. i do love this hoodie!

  11. i want one i love him

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